“It is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not..”(Nahum 3:1)
It will be a year filled much with the signs and happenings of the last days.
There will be News about New Religions , New Organizations arising with false doctrines blinding the people saying that the World is not going to End, Only money is important for life and go on to say that illegal relationship is not wrong.
  • You will hear news about changes of the government in many countries.
  • In many countries Women will hold high positions and will overtake the ruling government into their hands.
  • There will be headline news about Kazakhistan, Cairo and Syria.
  • Cuba shall see a great tremor.
  • We will hear shocking news about Siberia and Iceland.
  • There will be news about a Tragetic death of an important person in Egypt bringing peace less situation in the country.
  • We will hear a pathetic news about Mexico
  • There will be news about improved technology regarding Test Tube Babies.
  • You will hear many news about birth of abnormal babies and news of Animals born in a disfigured way.
  • We will see that the Temperature will heat up high this year and with the Snowfall bringing great burden to many countries.
  • There will be news of people frozen to death due to Cold breeze and snow fall.
  • There will be a tragedy news happened in a big stadium where people may be gathered to watch some games.
  • World Renowned Foot ball player will pass away this year.
  • We will hear news about the death of a former Dictator.
  • I saw War Tanks rushing and the war Ships in Alarm, may be it is sign a for another War.
  • There will be a headline news about Morocco.
  • We will hear a Pathetic news about the Vatican City in Italy.
  • We will hear news of the Nations like France, Germany, Russia joining hands together to form and operate as a new group.
  • There will be controversial news about a country involved in Sea line of control.
  • This will be a year filled with Train, Road and Air accidents.
  • I saw Sea Water waves arising to a greater height and entering a City causing great destruction.
  • I saw a Train falling down into the water due to a bridge broken into 2 pieces.
  • You will hear about increase of the power of the Terrorists, bringing great threat to the world.
  • We will hear headlines news about Satellites and Astronauts and also news about the Scientific changes and new findings in the atmosphere.
  • A year filled with destruction, damages and losses caused due to Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunami waves, Floods and Storms
  • There will be a news of a death of a scientist who brought great fame to his nation.
  • Due to the increase of Heat and heavy coldness, we will hear people being affected by a New Sickness, particularly a skin disease causing heavy itching sensation and boils forming here and there disfiguring the organs of the body.
  • There will be a news about a crises concerned about The Food.
  • Places like Taiwan and Philliphines shall be in headlines and news about many islands getting affected by sea wave’s eruptions.
  • We will hear headlines news about Greece, Spain and Italy.
  • It will be a year of Fear and Worries
  • We will hear headlines news about a Bomb blast.
  • We will hear pathetic news about a tragetic Train accident.
  • There will be pathetic news regarding the Royal family.
  • It will reach higher level in Economy which will change its attitude towards other countries making them to interfere in other countries affairs and also pressurize them for mutual agreements.
  • Due to Heavy Floods and Earthquakes they will see a greater loss.
  • The nation will be shakened, due to the heavy snowfall in this year.
  • There will be a controversial news about Military Affairs .
  • News of China invading other countries sea border
  • This year will be a year of Oppression and depression.
  • There will be one more Tsunami attack.
  • There will be controversial news about the gas leaking from the Nuclear reactors, causing skin diseases and affecting the intestines.
  • It will be a peaceless situation filled Economy and Politics Crises.
  • There will be a headlines news about a severe Train accident
  • Due to the Heavy snowfall, the day today life will be affected this will lead to financial crisis.
  • A Year filled with Trouble and Confusion.
  • Due to Economy of the country going down to shameful situation, causing differences and confusions within political parties.
  • There will be a news of a great political leader passing away
  • There will be a news of a Renowned servant of God passing away.
  • Cities like Texas, New Jersy, Florida and New York will very much be affected due to Tornadoes and heavy floods.
  • The Economy deeply worsening putting them into pathetic situation with students of other nations discontinuing their studies and leaving back to their country and companies of other nation closing down which will cause financial crisis and unemployment in the country.
  • They shall see oppositions and threats from other countries
  • In midst of this situation the churches of America shall sense a great sweep of Revival. The pathetic situation of the country will cause thousands of people returning back to God.
  • There will be many meetings and conferences giving importance to prayer.
  • It will be a golden year for India, going to the next level in Technology.
  • Even though there will be confusions for the first six months in the politics, Later it will gradually change to a peaceful situation.
  • India shall arise as powerful Country and it shall be recognized and will be listed one among the great nations of great power.
  • There will be a tremendous growth in the IT Department, Military and Science. The invention of the New Technology in Agriculture will surprise the whole world. This will make the neighboring countries to be peaceful with India.
  • A renowned Political leader will pass away.
  • There will be an amazing news about a young boy thrilling the whole world.
  • Rainfall and Cold breeze shall be sensed more in this year.
  • A famous Actor, Cricket player and a famous Playback singer shall pass away.
  • We will hear about important Agreements signed with Israel, France, Germany and particularly with America.
  • An important person will accept Jesus Christ as Saviour
  • India will shine in the field of sports
  • There will be a controversial news about the field of Sports.
  • Threaten of Terrorists will be more in this year but India will overcome it.


ZEPHANIAH 3 : 15/ GENESIS 17 :2 / ZECHARIAH 9 : 12 / JOEL 2 : 21 / NAHUM 1 : 7 / MATTHEW 4:4/ ZECHARIAH 2:5/ JOEL 2: 23/ ISAIAH 12:5,6/ PSALMS 84:11 / ISAIAH 12:3 / PSALMS 85 : 12 / ISAIAH 41 : 10 / JEREMIAH 33 : 3 / PSALMS 85 : 9 / PSALMS 94 : 14 / JEREMIAH 32 : 41 / ISAIAH 43 : 19 / PSALMS 103 : 3,5
  • In midst of people like Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh our Lord will pour down his spirit on his people and raise people like Daniel and Moses, proving that every thing is possible by the spirit of God.
  • For the children of God this will be a recognized year. As the Lord lifted people like Joseph and Daniel out of nothing it became something a vessel of great honour. So will God lift his people from the level where you are
  • May be this year is filled with confusions, problems, destructions and the world seems to be in a peaceless situation but for the children of God Mercy and Goodness shall follow and guard them.
  • This will be a good year for the people who trust in God and start their New project, New business and the Lord’s Ministry. As the Lord was with Abraham, Daniel and Joseph shall bless and prosper us the same.
  • An Answer for your Patience, a Justice for your Cry and a Reply for your Tears.