PROPHESY 2011 “ A Pathetic and a painful year ”
“I saw the deceiving Spirit has been released”
  • Misleading many people to false beliefs.
  • You will hear news of many new faces arising calling themselves as God.

  • This will be a year of confusion were old foe becoming friends and friends becoming foes.
  • I saw something like a ball of fire coming towards the earth bring great treat.
  • A notorious terrorist leader will be captured.
  • I saw a many Fighter Planes getting prepared and flying; it looked like sense of a war.
  • News of fire disaster in Tasmania.
  • News about Peru shall be in the headlines.
  • News about Argentina shall be in the headlines.
  • You will hear a news about a important politician, and a President of a nation been assassinated .
  • News about Cuba shall be in the headlines.
  • We will news about Antarctica and Scientific new findings.
  • Scientific new findings in the universe.
  • News of a well known Hollywood Actor / Actress passing away.
  • News of a well known Servant of God Passing away.
  • You will hear news about law’s concerning uni-sexuality.
  • Great destruction waited due to Earth Quakes, Valcanoes, Tsnami Waves, Flood, etc
  • Unexpectable Climatic changes Cold breeze sweeping many nation and Heat from the sun reaching the peak.
  • New kind of diseases shall arise affecting the nerve System causing numbness and Sever pain in the body.
  • News about great tragedy at Libya, Oman and Qatar will hit the headlines.
  • A year with many air accidents, I saw plane hit by the thunder, another carried away by the wind and falling way into the water and one falling down on a mass crowd, who have come out to watch some show.
  • A Year of Tragedy.
  • A year of great threat to the security of that nation.
  • We will hear news of the political turn around.
  • Heavy snowfall sweeping the nation.
  • News about becoming a threaten nation to the world like North Korea.
  • Will try to interfere with other countries affairs implementing their policies.
  • It will be year of climatic disaster due to flood and Landslides.
  • With a new kind of diseases taking a toll of the population.
  • Tsunami Waves arising to great heights bringing great disaster.
  • News about Osaka in the headlines.
  • News about a political dispute telecasted live in the television.
  • A year without Peace
  • Its attitude and double game policies shall bring down the fame of that great nation.
  • Economically a Bankrupt year.
  • A year with all kinds of political Crises.
  • Great disasters waiting due to Landslides, Tornada, Storm, Fire and Water.
  • It will see the major distruction this year.
  • You will hear news about Louisiana- Houses falling and cracks in the roads due to Earth Quake and landslide.
  • Hot breeze will sweep the Nation, bringing great disaster to the Paddy Lands.
  • It will be a Challenging Year facing all kinds of problems due to political and terrorism.
  • You will hear news about India and as well the Indians getting International recognination and Supported.
  • Great Nation of great powers will come with open challenges in the affairs of Economony, Sports, trying to implement their policies, but India will come out with shocking results.
  • India will hold key positions in the Sports.
  • We will hear news about young Indians coming out with Scientific findings amazing the whole world.
  • You will hear news about a sudden death of great actor.


Joel 2: 27 / Malachi 4:2 / Psalm 33:18 / John 16:20
Haggai 2:9 / Judge 6: 23/ Joel 2:26/ Psalm 34:5
Haggai 2:23/ Psalm 32:8 / 2 King 2: 14 /John 11:40
  • A year were God will shower his blessings upon his children in an abundant manner in midst of crises, like the light that shines in the darkness.
  • A year were God will pour down his power and use many with signs and wonders and blossom them like the Lilly in midst of thorn.
  • A year of uplift, honor and glory. God shall raise people Like Daniel, Joseph, Esther to hold and work at high position of high dignitary.