About The Founder
I’m Maxwell Lazarus. People call me brother, singer, performer, mentor, life coach, trainer, minister and lot of other things. But frankly speaking, for the past 24 years. God has been using me all around the world in many countries, confirming His Word with signs and wonders by Healing, Delivering and Reviving many People for His Glory. I’ve been doing the one thing that I love to do and that is connecting with people, spending time with them and helping them build their lives. I do this through my prayer and preaching with songs in the conferences, seminars, concerts and camps. My leisure interests are reading books, hearing songs and playing around with gadgets that fit my budget.

About Brother….

I’ve been through pretty hard times. My life was in a mess and I thought there was no way out. But I was terribly wrong!!! I was rescued, transformed and rebuilt into a stronger person. With time, I realized that I was standing on high ground scaling high peaks. From then, it has been my passion to help struggling people, through my different capabilities that I’ve been wired. And if you find that any of the things I do can enrich you. You don’t have to get an appointment. Just call me at 9444330432 or write to me at Maxwell.lazarus@yahoo.com. I am not too busy to take your phone call !!!

Bro.Maxwell Lazarus has been involved in doing God’s ministry form 1992 for the past 24 years. A person born in a Roman Catholic Angolo Indian Family whose mother tongue is “English” But by the grace of God he has been travelling all around the World with God using him in the Prophetic and Healing ministry with preaching done in English and as well in Tamil. After years of working in high reputed companies as a Marketing Executive, He had the privilege to work as the “First Quality Supervisor” for Jesus Calls ministry that was found by the Great man of god, who is none other than Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakarn. He spent fourteen years (1994 - 2006) working at Jesus Calls as Staff and as Non-Staff in various departments like Supervisor for the maintenance, Co-Ordinator for Prayer Service, Officer in the Communication Department and have also served as an Liaison, and a Public Relation Officer (PRO) for Bro. Dhinakaran and as well for Dr. Paul Dhinakaran in Chennai.

He was inspired by the teachings of the Lord Jesus to serve and minister in the land of his birth. And in the year 2003 he dedicated himself to use his talents for the Lord while he was working at Jesus Calls in a significant position. But it was only in the year 2006 he came to serve the Lord as a full time evangelist after getting the consent of the Lord Jesus and thus confirmed the same by his Spiritual Father Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran. We could say that he is the “privileged last person” to be prayed and blessed by the great men of God who made history in India in the ministry of evangelism that is Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran , Bro.Augustine Joseph who are no more. God has graciously blessed brother and has been using him in the prophetic and Healing Ministry. He has been burdened by the Lord to deliver the people who have lost their peace and Joy, whom the Devil has stolen and distorted it for his selfish reasons and relieve the people who are bound by Sadness, vulgarity, sex, drug abuse, etc., We believe God has called us and commissioned us to fulfill this calling and we desire to do so faithfully. We believe and request you to uphold us in your precious prayers that may God use us in an awesome way to touch lives across this nation and world.

Sis.Glory Maxwell, was working as a personal secretary for “Iyer Mani’s a multi-National concern lead by Mr.RM. Muthiah, …Thou working with and on a position of authority, she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve the Lord and to bring about great revival among the womenfolk, thus leading her to a full time ministry before brother’s call. Today God uses her mightily in the different facets of Ministry, transforming many souls for the Glory of God!!!.

She is a strong support and a back bone to the ministry, Sis. Glory Maxwell who is the wife of Bro. Maxwell Lazarus is the chief Editor of “Devanudiya Vaarthai” a well known Magazine and the author of many articles and books. She brings healing, blessings and God’s anointing to multitudes through her prayer. She inspires others by her simple ways and humbleness.

Bro. Maxwell Lazarus is blessed with three sweet children Giftlin, Roselin and Angelin, whom many call them as the 3 Angel’s even thou they too small to do ministry, but yet they involve themselves in the ministry by singing at times when brother preaches in the campaigns.

We believe God has called us and commissioned us to fulfill this faithful calling of God of which we desire to do so faithfully. We believe and request you to uphold us in your precious prayers that we may be used by God in an awesome way to be a great blessing to many and to touch the lives across this nation and the World.

Thank You!!...God Bless You